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All students, bachelors and graduates in IT, engineering and natural sciences from Danish universities are immediately accepted in IDA. (Medical students and doctors are not accepted in IDA).
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IDA has over 70 technical specialist networks that organise events all over the country. Subscribe to a network and get the benefits:

  • Be one of the first to receive invitations for events and conferences within your specialist and technical field.
  • Gain insight of the latest developments which you can use at work
  • Strengthen your job and career opportunities.

The advantages are many! As a member of our network, you will also receive discounts on events that require payment, and additionally discount on membership magazines, textbooks and much more. Being a member of one or more of our networks of technical specialists is free of charge and non-committal - you only have to participate when you can and want to.

You can see and subscribe to IDA's professional networks here:

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I accept IDAs handling of personal information

IDA er ifølge lov om behandling af personoplysninger forpligtet til at oplyse dig om registreringen og anvendelsen af de oplysninger, du giver os. Oplysningerne registreres i IDAs medlemssystem - og behandles fortroligt. IDA har adgang til at indhente adresseoplysninger fra det Centrale Personregister. Oplysningerne registreres, for at IDA bedst muligt kan yde dig rådgivning og varetage dine interesser. IDA videregiver kun oplysninger, når det er foreskrevet i lovgivningen med henblik på at sikre dig den bedste varetagelse, herunder at administrere overenskomster, pensions-, forsikrings- og/eller rabatordninger. I disse tilfælde videregives oplysninger til samarbejdspartnere såsom offentlige myndigheder, forsikringsselskaber, betalingsservice, faglige organisationer, overenskomstparter, og Ingeniøren. Ved din indmeldelse giver du samtykke til denne registrering og behandling af dine oplysninger. Du kan altid få indsigt i og opdatere de registrerede oplysninger ved at kontakte os. Se mere om IDAs persondatapolitik på

I have read and I accept IDAs Laws and Statutes

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that apply to IDA members. Read it here:
The undersigned wishes to enrol in the Engineering Society of Denmark, IDA. I have 
read the association laws 
and statutes on, which as a member I undertake to abide by, both in their 
current form and with any changes that may hereafter be adopted.&quot; <br \="">
I am aware that any changes in IDA's law and statutes are published on the IDA's 
website and are considered to be made known to members when disclosure takes place. 
I solemnly swear that the information given is correct.